Sex toy cleaner - 2 in 1
  • Sex toy cleaner - 2 in 1
  • Sex toy cleaner - 2 in 1
  • Sex toy cleaner - 2 in 1
  • Sex toy cleaner - 2 in 1

Sex toy cleaner - 2 in 1

100% active ingredients, protects colours and prolongs life.

Made in France

Vegan & cruelty-enee

Natural ingredients

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Sustainable toys.

At GOLIATE, we offer quality sextoys that are built to last. With this in mind, we have also made our Disinfectant Sextoy Cleaner so that you can preserve your toys. Respecting your toys also means respecting your body: our cleaner is composed of essential oils of tea tree and ravintsara, and an extract of Calendula; all natural ingredients that take care of you and your sexuality.

In two minutes flat.

GOLIATE's sex toy cleaner-disinfectant works as a spray for quick and convenient use. You don't need water, just a clean cloth to wipe your sex toys afterwards. In just two minutes, your toys are clean, protected and available for further pleasure.

Whether your sextoy has a phallic shape, looks like a duck or a rabbit, or is a geisha ball, a sextoy should be cleaned after each use, and not just by running it quickly under water!

You should clean your sextoys after each orgasm, as much for reasons of hygiene as to ensure their durability. By doing so you will avoid the proliferation of bacteria and therefore the risk of infections. That's why we've developed the gentle solution of this sextoy cleaner and disinfectant spray.

It is extremely simple to use: you spray your toy with a few sprays of GOLIATE Sextoy Cleaner, wipe it with a clean, soft cloth. Now your toy is clean!
Once you've properly cleaned your toy, carefully store it in its cloth pouch. The more you pamper your sex toys, the more comfortable you'll feel when using them. Neglecting your toys means neglecting your pleasure and your body, so take care of them!

Remember to clean your sex toys after each use, so you can use them spontaneously on your next pleasure date. If it can motivate you, know that in addition to preserving your genitals, a correct cleaning of your sextoy improves its longevity and preserves its colors.

Keep your GOLIATE sextoy cleaner away from light and at room temperature.


Calendula extract**, ravintsara**, tea tree**, alcohol**

0% Paraben/P.E.G/Palm oil/Colorant/Scent/Phenoxyethanol

**from organic farming

Why does sex toy cleaner make a difference?

A unique product
Made in France, our sex toy cleaner was custom created by an artisanal laboratory in collaboration with the GOLIATE team.

Easy to use
The sextoy cleaner-disinfectant is a simple to use natural product. In just a few sprays, it's done!"

Antifungal properties
The sextoy cleaner has antifungal properties thanks to the presence of Tea Tree essential oil, known for its disinfecting virtues.

An aseptic sex toy cleanser
Thanks to the presence of ravintsara essential oil and Calendula extract.

In minutes
You spray your sextoy with a few sprays of the cleaner, wipe it with a clean cloth, and it's ready to use!

No artificial scents
The scents in our Sextoy Cleanser come only from the active, natural ingredients in it.


Once you have sprayed your sex toy with a few sprays, simply wipe it with a clean cloth. You do not need water.
The most important thing is to wash them right after use. You can also wash them before if your sex toy was not stored away from dust.
The product is natural and the dose is minimal, you risk nothing if any remains on your toy.