6 naughty tips for more successful fellatio!

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Fellatio is great, but sometimes you wonder if it could be even better. With no pressure whatsoever (there's no such thing as a diploma for the best blowjob), here are 7 golden tips for giving your partner more pleasure.

1.       We love it!

It's by taking pleasure ourselves that we'll give it to our partner. And why? Because if we're turned on by oral sex, he'll feel it and become even more excited. In other words, it's a virtuous circle. However, it's worth remembering that there's no point in forcing ourselves: if we'd rather sulk about fellatio, then let's sulk about it. And if we want to learn to love it, then we take the opposite approach: too submissive? The man lies down, we get on top of him. Too selfish? Suggest a 69 for shared pleasure...

2.       We salivate 

Genitals love... moisture. An arousal factor not to be overlooked! So discreetly, we salivate again and again. Or opt for a lubricant, guaranteed effect!

3.       Abandon mechanical gestures

Fellatio isn't a case of "I'm in, I'm out", or you'll quickly get bored. So we masturbate our partner with our hand, before putting our mouth back on, and so on. You can also have fun licking your penis, from the root to the glans. And then sometimes we go fast, sometimes we slow down... By changing rhythm and playing, we both enjoy ourselves.

4.       Tidy up your teeth

A word of advice: watch out for ugly teeth that can hurt!

5.       Breathing in change!

How about the sofa or the shower? We're spending a lot of money on an apartment, so let's take the opportunity to rediscover it from a new angle. The same goes for positions: sometimes submissive, sometimes domineering, we'll have fun varying the acrobatics to give fellatio a little refreshment!

6.       We look at our partner

It all depends on our degree of shyness and the light in the room (yes, because in the dark, you can always look at each other, but you won't see much), but a little naughty or romantic glance is just the thing...!


Author for GOLIATE, Tom is above all a passionate person. Trying to be more responsible in his daily life, it is naturally that he is interested in the Goliate universe and in the sexuality one.

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