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In accordance with arrangements of Articles 6-III et 19 of Law n°2004-575 of June 21th 2004 for the trust in digital economy (L.T.D.E.), it is brought to the attention of users and visitors of GOLIATE's website these Legal Notices.

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By virtue of article 6 of Law n°2004-575 of June 21 2004 for the trust in digital economy, it's specified in this article the identity of all actors in the realisation and following process.

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Alexis Garin

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In case of impossibility to access the Website, GOLIATE's swear to do its best to restore access as fast as they can. The Website should not be held for responsible of any damage, whatever they may be, resulting of aforementioned indisponibility.

This Website is compliant to the arrangements of Law 78-17 of January 6th 1978 relative to digital, files and liberties. By virtue of this law, the User benefit notably a right to opposition (art. 32 & 38), a right to access (art. 38 & 39) and a right to correction (art. 40) of data concerning its.

To make use of this law, the User must address to the Editor by contacting its with its address :, or by letter addressed to the head office of Editor, specifying its name, surname, address and email(s).

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These Legal Notices are regulated by the French Law and every dispute or disagreement which can appear between sides during the use, the publication or statement made on the GOLIATE's Website will be held to french courts, accordingly to the actual rules in force.

The Website constitutes a work whose the Editor is the author accordingly to articles L111.1 and next of Intellectual Property Code.

It is stated the pictures put in the Website on the Website are considered as work of the mind benefiting of protection under the copyright. Any unauthorized use of any picture is constitutive of counterfeit act as expected in article L335-3 of Intellectual Property Code.

Generally, data, programs, texts,  informations, logos, visual identities, animated or fixed images and their implementations appearing on the Website are the property of the Editor and are protected by this re reason by the arrangements of the Intellectual Property Code.

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Any depiction or reproduction, total or partial, permanently temporarily on a digital or physical support by any way (particularly by framing) of one or the other elements of the Website or of the services provided, without the prior and deliberate agreement of the Editor, is forbidden and is constitutive of counterfeit act, which will bring civilian and/or penal condemnation. Only the printing on paper is authorized, by the ends of private reproduction at the exclusive use of the copyist by the mean of the article L122-5 2° of Intellectual Property Code.

*action of capture the content of pages of the pages of a website to transfer it  on his own website via a hyperlink text, by making appear the said content as his own.

Reproduction and diffusion are forbidden. In case of authorization of reproduction and/or diffusion exceptionally consented by GOLIATE supporting a prior written agreement, the following mention must be imperatively mentioned : COPYRIGHT © 2022 GOLIATE.

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For each reporting of content or illicit activities, the User can contact the Editor with this address :, or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the contact information specified in these Legal Mentions