myPleasure Plus - Double stimulation without compromise
  • myPleasure Plus - Double stimulation without compromise
  • myPleasure Plus - Double stimulation without compromise
  • myPleasure Plus - Double stimulation without compromise
  • myPleasure Plus - Double stimulation without compromise
  • myPleasure Plus - Double stimulation without compromise

myPleasure Plus - Double stimulation without compromise

The heated vibrator for G-spot and clitoris

Heating effect

Splash proof

Medical silicone

8 vibration modes

Easy to clean

Ultra powerful motor

G-spot stimulation

Tax included

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MyPleasure Plus, a hot toy that surprises your G-spot...

Today, the G-spot is no longer considered a mysterious area but a key area of female pleasure, located at the crossroads of the vagina and the clitoris inside the body. GOLIATE offers you myPleasure Plus, a toy with two bumps that hug and caress the vaginal walls and the glans of the clitoris. Thanks to its 8 vibration modes, its warming effect and its perfect grip, myPleasure Plus awakens the G-spot and provides a pleasure that was previously unknown.

...and stimulates your clitoris for unparalleled pleasure.

Because your desires are important to us and pleasure is not limited to vaginal penetration, myPleasure Plus is equipped with a vibrating antenna that rests gently on your clitoris during G-spot stimulation. This way, your vulva and clitoris are included for more intense orgasms: by offering internal and external caresses, myPleasure Plus envelops your sex and mobilises your entire clitoral organ. And it's unparalleled!

Reload myPleasure Plus before its first use. Follow the instructions and enjoy.
When using a rabbit vibrator for the first time, we suggest using it on other parts of your body to experience the sensations and stimulation your sextoy provides.

Hold it in your hands, then try it on your nipples, neck or arms. Play with the settings and buttons to get a feel for how the myPleasure Plus works and how powerful the vibrations are.

Always lubricate your rabbit vibrator with a high quality water-based lubricant (like our Sensual Glide Gel) to reduce friction. (The use of silicone-based lubricant on silicone sex toys should be avoided, as it will damage your intimate accessory).

After adding some water-based lube, start with the lowest vibration and explore the types of genital stimulation that feel good.
There are many different stimulations and movements you can try, but the most important thing is to listen to your body it's up to you!

Try holding your rabbit vibrator in your vagina while it vibrates and, at the same time, move the vibrating antenna over your clitoris. You can also move the handle in a thrusting motion, as if for penetration, and position the rabbit's antenna so that they make contact with your clitoris.
The more comfortable and aroused you are, the more you'll want to increase the power of the vibration.

When using the rabbit vibrator, we recommend trying different positions for more pleasure. Straddle a pillow or surface and make different movements with your hips to see if you can make contact with places that feel good. For new stimulation, use the myPleasure Plus standing up, squatting against a wall, or on your knees instead of just lying on your back.

If you find that the stimulation of the sextoy on your clitoris is too strong, you can try using it through panties or a cloth to ease the sensations slightly.

Rabbit vibrators can also be used for oral, vaginal or anal sex with a partner. Ask your partner to use it on you, or show them how you like to use it on yourself.

The sextoy can be used by penis owners who want to take a break from penetration with their penis and still get stimulation and pleasure, such as stimulating their glans or testicles.


Colour: Cream White

Material: Premium Medical Grade Silicone (Phthalate Free)

Modes: 8 vibrations heating effect

Weight: 180g

Product size: 22.5 x 3.4 cm

Battery: Rechargeable

Waterproof (shower)

Why does mypleasure Plus make a difference?

Simple and frighteningly effective.
My Pleasure Plus is THE rabbit vibrator you need. Accessible to all, our special G-spot and clitoral vibrator will allow you to discover the pleasures of female masturbation smoothly and easily, without getting lost in countless superfluous functions.

A unique design to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and the glans of the clitoris
myPleasure Plus benefits from a unique ergonomic design thanks to the presence of two bumps located at its base and on its antenna to come and stimulate your vaginal walls and G-spot in an optimal way. During penetration, its design is such that its vibrating antenna settles at the top of your vulva to amaze your clitoris simultaneously. With your myPleasure Plus sextoy, you'll get right to the point and enjoyment!

8 vibration modes and a self-heating effect

The heating effect and 8 vibration modes of your MyPleasure Plus rabbit vibrator will allow you to escape, whether it's titillating your G-spot, vaginal (or even anal) wall or clitoris. With myPleasure Plus, discover a new source of pleasure and stimulation... Orgasms guaranteed.

A Rechargeable rabbit vibrator.
myPleasure Plus runs on a long-lasting Lithium battery. You can use it anywhere, anytime, and recharge it anytime with its USB charging cable.

A fun and ergonomic sextoy
Like all of our intimate accessories, myPleasure Plus is a 2-in-1 vibrator with a sleek, clean design to set no limits on fun and naughty play. No more shame, just pleasure.

A medical silicone rabbit vibrator
Because quality is one of our priorities, myPleasure Plus is made with the best materials on the market, including the highest quality silicone... for maximum pleasure.


Just use a sex toy cleaner like GOLIATE or a little warm, slightly soapy water before drying it with a clean cloth.
To make the most of your intimate toy, it is essential to choose a water-based lubricant so as not to damage the silicone. GOLIATE offers you a certified organic lubricant, vegan and made in France which is perfectly compatible with your product.
You can take myPleasure Plus with you in the shower. However, use in the bath is not recommended, this habit could damage your product.