Organic hemp massage oil
  • Organic hemp massage oil
  • Organic hemp massage oil
  • Organic hemp massage oil
  • Organic hemp massage oil
  • Organic hemp massage oil
  • Organic hemp massage oil

Organic hemp massage oil

A refined massage oil made from 100% organic French hemp that awakens the senses.

Made in France

Certified organic

Vegan & cruelty-enee

Natural ingredients

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An organic and natural oil for more sensual massages.

Massages and caresses are part of the encounter and sexuality. In order to enjoy an intimate moment and to treat yourself to a highly sensual journey, GOLIATE has designed the Radiant Massage Oil with French hemp, a 100% organic and natural massage oil that contains hemp, a molecule renowned for its antioxidant properties and its ability to relax the body and mind, which quickly penetrates the skin and nourishes the cells. The presence of essential oils adds an aphrodisiac note to this pleasure cosmetic that transforms any encounter into an unforgettable erotic journey. The atmosphere is one of fusion and complicity.

Take care of your desire and stimulate your pleasure.

The French organic hemp massage oil is a sexual ally that respects and encourages sexual desire. Thanks to the presence of hemp, which blends perfectly with a complex of essential oils carefully chosen by us, the oil awakens the senses, inspires the partners and softens the skin. Skin-to-skin contact becomes more pleasant and sexual excitement increases with each caress. An ideal oil to discover your erogenous zones, to raise the temperature and to open the door to new pleasures to share while taking care of your skin.

Sensual massage is a practice that helps to maintain a couple's sex life. Always remember that this type of massage, both relaxing and erotic, is a pleasure shared by two. It is therefore important that both parties are totally involved in this relaxing experience for a massage rich in sensations. Organic hemp massage oil is a beneficial element that increases the relaxation and pleasure of the massage tenfold.

When you give a sensual massage, the atmosphere is essential. In order to help your partner relax during this moment of relaxation, so that he or she focuses on his or her most intimate senses, your environment should be serene and comfortable. Run your partner a nice warm bath to start this relaxing journey to pleasure. A bath is always a good way to start an intimate massage.
For an ideal massage, make sure you and your partner are not cold (turn up the heat, it will make this moment of relaxation all the more enjoyable!)
Rub your hands together to warm them up or pour the oil into the palm of your hand first before applying it to the skin.
Massage the back in long strokes. Since the upper and lower back are erogenous areas, it is recommended to start the relaxing massage in these areas. These parts of the body tend to accumulate stress and tension from everyday life. Relax as much as you can and let your partner pamper you, who will awaken your desire and, in the process, de-stress you.

Once the muscles have warmed up and relaxed, increase the pressure of the massage. Do not hesitate to add oil if the need arises. Knead the muscles around your partner's shoulders and neck with your thumb and index fingers. Most of us have a lot of tension in the neck and shoulders.
You can then continue the massage through the stomach, legs and calves. You can also massage the back of the neck, the ears and the arms.
You don't know how to massage? A basic technique is to apply pressure to the body using your thumb and moving it in a circular motion. This relaxing movement can be used anywhere on the body.


Hemp oil**, Grapefruit essential oil**, benzoin extract**, ginger essential oil**, patchouli essential oil**, ylang ylang essential oil**, coriander essential oil**

0% Alcohol/Paraben/P.E.G/Palm oil/Colorant/Scent/Phenoxyethanol

*substance naturally contained in essential oils

**from Organic Agriculture

100% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin
COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the standard

Why does organic French hemp massage oil make a difference?

A unique and exclusive product of superior quality, made in France.
The recipe of the organic French hemp massage oil is unique and exclusive to GOLIATE. This vegetable massage oil has been custom created by an artisanal laboratory, in collaboration with the GOLIATE team.

Natural and organic
100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and from Organic Agriculture, for a safe use.

An erotic and moisturizing skin to skin.
The radiant massage oil contains French hemp oil, which relaxes the body and mind and helps to deeply moisturize the skin cells. Rich in omega6, omega3 and vitamin E, it hugs skin for a natural and delicious touch.

a soothing journey.
French Hemp Organic Massage Oil includes grapefruit, benzoin, ginger, patchouli, ylang ylang, coriander essential oils for a light and effective aphrodisiac effect. All with a pleasant scent.

To take care of your sexuality (and your skin!)
The radiant massage oil has been thought as a real ally of sensitive skin for the well-being of intimate life. A healthy product to caress, massage and relax while having soft skin.


Once applied to the skin, you can kiss and lick it without any risk although the taste is not studied for ;)
No, that would make it porous. You can however use it with sex toys.
You can massage your genitals with this massage oil but do not use it as an intimate lubricant. Plan for personal hygiene after use.
Organic French hemp massage oil contains different essential oils and these are not recommended for pregnant women.