The gourmet couple - the unique all-in-one
  • The gourmet couple - the unique all-in-one
  • The gourmet couple - the unique all-in-one
  • The gourmet couple - the unique all-in-one
  • The gourmet couple - the unique all-in-one
  • The gourmet couple - the unique all-in-one
  • The gourmet couple - the unique all-in-one

The gourmet couple - the unique all-in-one

A unique recipe for the senses, to lubricate, massage, lick, play...

Made in France

Certified organic

Vegan & cruelty-enee

Natural ingredients

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A 100% erotic "all purpose" cream.

GOLIATE has designed Le couple gourmand, a cream with a tasty texture capable of satisfying all your desires and games. Made in France, organic and vegan, this cream reveals a very delicate hazelnut flavour for a maximum of greediness and takes care of your whole body; edible, soft and fluid, it can be used as massage oil and lubricant. All-in-one for unforgettable intimate moments.

A magic formula that takes care of your body.

GOLIATE's gourmet couple adds spice to the encounter. Thanks to its 100% active ingredient formula, this cream dedicated to couples takes care of all bodies and all pleasures. A connection facilitator that respects your desires and encourages curiosity.

Most of our daily communication is non-verbal: body language plays a key role in how we communicate and understand each other. So it should make sense that massage, one of the most intimate types of touch, is a good way to communicate with your lover.

Here's what you'll need to prepare yourself and your partner for this wonderful gift: an erotic massage.

You don't need any special equipment for an erotic massage, as long as the space you have is nice and comfortable and you have a good massage oil, like our Gourmet Couple. Whether you intend to massage your partner in your bedroom or in your living room, as long as the atmosphere is right, you're good to go.

To create the right mood, you can start by turning up the heat: Since your partner will probably be naked (or at least semi-naked), you need to make sure there's a minimum of heat.
You can also dim the lights or light candles. Rough lighting can be an uncomfortable distraction during the massage, so bring in some romance with fairy lights or candles.

No matter what area you're going to massage, there are techniques that can be used almost anywhere:

Be careful not to press too hard or cause pain when massaging. Communicate with your partner, ask what they like and don't like, communication is the key to pleasure.

Start by spreading the cream on your partner's skin and rubbing until it turns into oil. The first few touches you make should be long and drawn out. Psychologically speaking, a firm touch will reassure your lover and make him or her feel safe, which is essential for letting go and feeling all the pleasures of massage on his or her skin.
With your fingertips, trace the contours of your partner's muscles. Gently stroke her neck with your fingertips or follow the smooth curves of her lips with your thumbs (guaranteed effect!).

Pressing, kneading and rolling your thumbs against the skin is a great way to train muscle tension. Press your thumbs against any part of your body and gently move them away from you, using the full extension of your thumbs. Moving each thumb, one after the other, creates a continuous rolling sensation that gets rid of knots and areas of tension. This works especially well on the back, shoulders, feet and thighs.


Shea butter**, organic vegetable glycerin***, organic hazelnut oil France**, organic sunflower oil France**

0% Alcohol/Paraben/P.E.G/Palm oil/Colorant/Scent/Phenoxyethanol

* substance naturally contained in essential oils

**from Organic Agriculture

*** processed from organic ingredients

99.19% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the

Why does the Gourmet Couple make a difference?

A unique and exclusive product, made in France.

The recipe of the gourmet couple is unique and exclusive to GOLIATE. This cream that transforms into an edible massage oil was custom created by an artisanal laboratory, in collaboration with the GOLIATE team.

Natural and organic

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and 99.07% from Organic Agriculture

A 2-in-1 massage cream that can be applied anywhere

The massage oil can be safely applied to the skin and the whole body, even on the most intimate areas to lubricate your intercourse. In fact all the ingredients are edible and safe for your genitals.

An all-in-one recipe

To lubricate, lick, massage erotically, play with passion and release exquisite sensations.

Le Couple Gourmand contains no artificial flavors.

The scents that are released come only from the active and natural elements that make up our edible massage oil. YUKA score: Excellent (100/100).

A roasted hazelnut scent

The nutty scent and taste of this edible massage oil will make you want to munch on your loved one and lick their skin from head to toe!

A whipped color

The greedy couple allows you to play the resemblance with the sperm. Sexy & dirty?

A delicate texture

A texture halfway between gel and cream. The hazelnut oil contained in our product lubricates and softens the skin deliciously.


Once applied to the skin, you can kiss and lick it without any risk!
No, that would make it porous. You can however use it with sex toys.
You can massage your genitals and use the greedy couple as a lubricant. Plan an intimate wash after use.
The greedy couple is totally compatible with pregnant women.