Pair of BDSM garter belts
  • Pair of BDSM garter belts
  • Pair of BDSM garter belts
  • Pair of BDSM garter belts
  • Pair of BDSM garter belts

Pair of BDSM garter belts

Made in France

Vegan & cruelty-enee

Easy to clean



Lifetime warranty

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The pair of garter belt GOLIATE, the ideal sexy accessory for games of domination and submission. 

For an authentic sexy atmosphere and true to what you are looking for, we have designed, in France, the garter belt made of vegetable leather. Robust, elegant and pleasant to wear, it adapts to your lingerie for a neat result. 

Easy to handle and put on thanks to its elastic, the GOLIATE suspender belt blends in with your constraint games for a staging at your image. It adapts to all sizes and highlights all bodies so that everyone feels at ease and enjoys the games of domination and submission with pleasure and freedom. 

Repairability of your pair of BDSM garter belts, an exclusive eco-responsible initiative by GOLIATE.

Because made of natural vegetable material, the pair of garter belts of GOLIATE embellishes itself with time. Nevertheless, if you notice that your product is damaged, our workshop repairs it free of charge.  That's also being responsible. 

How to wear the GOLIATE Leather Suspender Belt

The leather garter belt is an ultra-sexy lingerie accessory, but one that also seems difficult to put on and fasten. Rest assured, it's much less difficult than it sounds.
Put on your stockings. Sit down before attaching the suspenders to the stockings (so the garter belt is at natural height when you stand up).
Open the suspender clips and insert the top edge of your stocking into the clip. Then gently pull down the wider part of the hook. Congratulations, you're done!"

Should I wear the suspender belt straps over or under my panties?

This is a question that has many strong opinions!

The only correct answer is that you can wear them over or under: however you prefer. Some people prefer the visual effect of wearing suspenders over them. If this is your case, wear your garter belt over your panties.

Others prefer to wear their suspenders under their panties, for style reasons or so they don't have to unhook the hooks to gain access to their private parts, which is usually nice during BDSM sessions.

If you want quick and convenient access to the private parts, we recommend wearing them over your underwear.


Handmade from natural plant material in limited quantities.

Eco-responsible design optimized to the maximum throughout the manufacturing process.

Handcrafted design to support French work and know-how.

Ancestral saddle stitch technique for exceptional durability.

Made in France by favoring short circuits.

Vegan and cruelty-free to respect the body and the planet.

Responsible and committed with a free lifetime repair guarantee.

How does the GOLIATE suspender make a difference?

The GOLIATE Suspender Belt is Made in France using the Saddle Stitch technique

We have chosen to work with a French artisanal workshop that uses the saddle stitch, an ancestral manual sewing technique that guarantees the durability and resistance of your product over time. The saddle stitch is the strongest stitch, as it was designed to make leather pieces that are highly stressed by wear, tear and tearing.

With the saddle stitch, you can rest assured that your garter belt is of high quality and will last a very long time.

It is designed in natural material

In valuing plant art, we favor natural material, in this case cork and tree sap, for ultra-resistant rendering and magnified colors that respect the environment. Even the tissue paper used to protect your product is biodegradable, compostable, and uses water-based inks.

The Suspender Belt is responsible

Being responsible also means using exclusively short, local and European circuits, with a policy of reusing material and repairing products in order to move towards zero waste.

It's stylish

We have built our BDSM range with elegance in mind. Games of domination and submission deserve refined, quality accessories that perfectly match your desires and intimacy.


Yes, you will receive a pair of garter belts, so one accessory for each leg.
The vegetable material used, in this case the cork, is studied so that the contact with your skin is ultra soft and pleasant.
The color of the accessories BDSM of GOLIATE is obtained in a natural way, from sap of trees. All the manufacturing of the accessories is done in an artisanal and eco-responsible way in order to preserve the planet, without chemical or harmful product.
GOLIATE's BDSM accessories are handcrafted with an ancestral technique called "saddle stitch" which allows to optimize their resistance, the seams being independent from each other to guarantee an exceptional durability. It is a unique know-how, handmade, to optimize the life of the accessories.
We wanted a totally eco-responsible approach for the BDSM range. Also, all accessories are guaranteed for life. This means that you just have to contact us and we will take care of your accessory to repair it with our partner workshop. It's a unique initiative but it's in line with our values.
The BDSM range is handmade in an artisanal way with a respectful approach to nature, so we propose it for the moment in a limited way with a restricted number of units available for sale
The BDSM accessories of GOLIATE are compatible with all the natural massage oils of GOLIATE. Better still, these oils will embellish your BDSM accessory by nourishing the vegetable matter. Be careful however to use only natural oils, like the natural and organic massage oils of GOLIATE.
Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, the range of BDSM accessories of GOLIATE is adapted to help you to discover new games, or to reinforce your practice, with natural accessories ultra resistant, respectful of the body and the planet, and manufactured in France in a responsible way. If you have any questions about BDSM, don't hesitate to download our Ebook dedicated to this practice to learn the basics.