Responsible and

Our cosmetics

Adults toys' manufacturing seems to be incompatible with climate protection but in GOLIATE, we never stop to make conscious choices and act responsibly.

- Our cosmectics, organic and vegan, are Made In France, close to you, in Jura !

- We support the use of noble raw materials.

- We don't and we won't test our produicts on animals.

- We favor local actors and short circuit so that we can highlight our artisans' work

- Our approach testify about our positive and healthy method which can relate to ayurvedic cosmectic. The principle : only apply on your skin materials you can also eat. If this philosophy is valid in the beauty business, it is also true when we talk about intimate pleasure.

Our toys for adults

- Our toys meet to your quality and ethic standards : they run on rechargeable batteries and boxes are recyclable, to maintain our ecological goals.

- If you don't like your sextoy, you can send it back to us until 15 days after your purchase and we will recycle it.

- We never stop to think about the best ways to develop our own homemade sextoys production in France and, at the same time, stand for producing all our others products in France.

- Stay tuned, many surprises are coming !

Because we are aware there is still some way to go, we join our forces to  Reforest’Action, to participate to the reforestation of French forests, to decrease our carbon footprint and support animal cause

Goliate & Reforest'action

Trees planted
Tons of CO2 sotcked
Months of oxygene generated
Animal shelters created