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In the age of "all digital", sexting has become an important part of our daily lives. Whether you're exchanging sext messages with a casual partner or within your relationship, the primary objective is to raise the tension. But for a conversation to be successful, it is important to respect a few rules of use. Follow the guide!

What is sexting?

Sexting is the exchange of sexting; in other words, the exchange of messages of a sexual nature between two people.

It can be a simple message, a spicy conversation or even photos or videos. For many, it allows to make emerge the desire before a meeting or to maintain a state of tension in the relationship. Indeed, sending a sext is not only reserved for people present on dating websites, or young people. This practice can be totally integrated in a couple's life and give pleasure to both the person who sends it and the partner who receives it.

The 4 important steps of sexting :

Step 1: Consent

Before anything else - and I insist on this point - it is essential to exchange your consents. The exchange of sexting involves the sharing of explicit content, and transmitting messages, photos or videos of a sexual nature without consent is punishable by two years in prison and a €60,000 fine. Once this step is done, don't hesitate to let your respective imaginations run wild.

Step 2 : Exchange on your desires

Once again, communication is the key. If you are already in a relationship, you may already know your partner's affinities and that's a good thing.

and that's a good thing. However, keep in mind that your partner's affinities (and your own) may change over time. Also, if you don't feel comfortable sharing your sexting desires verbally, the written format is a preferred means of communication for many. It allows many people to communicate with greater ease.

If, on the other hand, you've only just met your partner, don't skip this moment of exchange.

Step 3: Choose your preferred method(s) of communication

In writing, via a voice note, in pictures or on video, there is something for everyone! Even if they each have their own particularity, these different forms of sexting allow you to vary the pleasures. For some people, the written form is more comfortable because the words can be enough for themselves while for others, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

In any case, it is very important to choose your exchange platform carefully, favoring those that allow you to send ephemeral messages if you don't know (or know only a few) your game partner.

Among the best known are WhatsApp, Snapchat or Messenger.

Step 4: Be yourself!

We may tend to forget it, but the objective of sexting is not to judge your partner or yourself, either on the form or on the content. No, above all, sexting allows you to share your attraction, especially sexual, and your desire for the other. But not everyone knows how to do it or is comfortable with this practice. If this is the case, nothing prevents you from exploring the world of sexting step by step. Indeed, you don't have to reveal everything (right away, or at all). So, don't hesitate to use your assets. I assure you, everyone has them, even if you convince yourself otherwise.

Sexting in a relationship

If you're currently in a relationship, you may be feeling a form of routine in your daily life. I reassure you, this is quite normal and many people go through empty periods in their relationship. Also, even if we don't always make this link naturally, love and sexting go together perfectly. Sexting, when practiced with your loved one, allows you to strengthen the emotional bonds, to increase complicity but also to (re)birth a desire that is sometimes dormant. This is one of the main strengths of these exchanges. Indeed, the asynchronous format of this type of discussion awakens our desire and libido while boosting our imagination. You can seize this opportunity to share with your other half your fantasy (or fantasies) of the moment. Whether it is in a direct way or by a game of sub entendres, the sexting offers an incredible space of expression. It even allows some couples to reconnect with a form of communication that, in many ways, can be very positive.

Finally, sexting allows you to create surprises at unexpected moments. Receiving a hot message at the office, when you are far from each other or during a family meal can have a small effect!

Now that sexting has no secrets for you, all you have to do is jump in and send that first sext! Don't forget that what counts above all is mutual respect. One wrong word and you risk ruining this moment of sharing. 

YOU as in "be yourself". So what do you think? Are you ready to try it?


Hey, I'm Jordy, content creator and sex video maker.

My goals: to remove the taboos that exist around sexuality, to break down preconceived ideas and to move towards healthier relationships!

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