Massage oil - Aphrodisiac
  • Massage oil - Aphrodisiac
  • Massage oil - Aphrodisiac
  • Massage oil - Aphrodisiac
  • Massage oil - Aphrodisiac
  • Massage oil - Aphrodisiac
  • Massage oil - Aphrodisiac

Massage oil - Aphrodisiac

Open yourself to eroticism.

Made in France

Certified organic

Vegan & cruelty-enee

Natural ingredients

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Explore your body and your partner's body.

GOLIATE Organic Aphrodisiac Massage Oil has been designed to accompany your intimate moments and respond to your desire for discovery. Thanks to its formula with sandalwood essential oil, our massage oil is a real invitation to explore the body and erogenous zones. An organic, vegan and made in France sensuality bath that respects your skin, opens you to new sensations and reinforces complicity.

Take time for yourself.

GOLIATE Aphrodisiac Massage Oil has anti-stress properties for a moment of pleasure and relaxation as a couple. Made with ginger, it will warm you up and stimulate your senses for a real erotic connection. An ideal cosmetic for foreplay and closeness, ready to raise the excitement for an ultra-sensual sexual encounter or a pleasant nap to share afterwards.

Sensual massage is a practice that helps to maintain a couple's sex life. Always remember that this type of massage should be a pleasure shared by both parties, so it is important that both parties are fully involved in the massage. The aphrodisiac massage oil will be a beneficial element that will increase the pleasure, sensations and relaxation tenfold.

When you give a sensual massage, the atmosphere is essential. Your environment should be serene and comfortable to help your partner relax so that he or she can focus on their sensations. Select a clean and tidy space, then light a few candles to create the right mood.

For the perfect massage, make sure you and your partner are not cold (turn up the heat, it will make the massage more enjoyable!)

Rub your hands together to warm them up or pour the massage oil into the palm of your hand before applying them to your partner's skin.

Put some of our organic aphrodisiac massage oil on your hands and massage the back in long strokes. Since the upper and lower back are erogenous parts, it is recommended to start the massage with these parts of the body.
Pamper your partner and let him/her relax as much as possible thanks to the caresses and the action of the essential oils.

Once the muscles have warmed up and relaxed, increase the pressure. Alternating between a gentle caress on the skin and a more forceful gesture is also an excellent idea.

You can then continue the massage by the belly or the chest, with soft gestures. Indeed for these two delicate areas, simple caresses on your partner's skin with our aphrodisiac massage oil will work wonders.

Also be sure to cover the areas that are often ignored during a massage, like the ears for example. You can gently massage the earlobe by pressing it between your thumb and forefinger. Then, trace the entire contour of the ear: guaranteed effect.

Then move on to other parts of the body, the back of the knees, the soles of the feet, the lower back, the neck, etc.


Sunflower oil (France)**, ginger root**, bergamot**, sandalwood**, Citral*, Geraniol*, Limonene*, Linalool*

0% Alcohol/Paraben/P.E.G/Palm oil/Colorant/Scent/Phenoxyethanol

*substance naturally contained in essential oils

**from Organic Agriculture

*** processed from organic ingredients

100% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the

Why does aphrodisiac massage oil make a difference?

A unique and exclusive product

Made in France, the recipe for our aphrodisiac massage oil is unique and exclusive to GOLIATE. It was custom created by an artisanal laboratory, in collaboration with the GOLIATE team to create a product of superior quality.

Natural and organic

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and from Organic Agriculture.

A massage oil that contains no artificial flavors

Any fragrance that is released comes solely from the active and natural ingredients that make up our aphrodisiac massage oil.

A touch of sandalwood essential oil

Essential oils, especially sandalwood essential oil, can work on the erotic opening chakra. This energy center is located 5 cm below the navel, accessible on the stomach side or back side. It is a very pleasant area to massage and caress!

A note of ginger for pleasure

Ginger is known for its aphrodisiac properties, but did you know it also has relaxing properties? For best effect, gently massage and tap the middle of the back, on either side of the spine. This is the area of your adrenal glands, which affect your stress and energy levels.

A hint of bergamot for libido

Bergamot is known to soothe or stimulate the nervous system depending on your individual needs. By calming anxiety and stress, it has the effect of improving libido, among other things.


Once applied to the skin, you can kiss and lick it without any risk!
No, that would make it porous. You can however use it with sex toys.
You can massage your genitals with this aphrodisiac oil but not as an intimate lubricant. Plan an intimate wash after use.
Aphrodisiac massage oil contains different essential oils and these are not recommended for pregnant women.