Sensual glide gel - The long-lasting lubricant
  • Sensual glide gel - The long-lasting lubricant
  • Sensual glide gel - The long-lasting lubricant
  • Sensual glide gel - The long-lasting lubricant
  • Sensual glide gel - The long-lasting lubricant
  • Sensual glide gel - The long-lasting lubricant

Sensual glide gel - The long-lasting lubricant

Increase the pleasure in an efficient and respectful way.

Made in France

Certified organic

Vegan & cruelty-enee

Natural ingredients

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A lubricant based on organic ingredients for a smooth sexual experience.

Humidity is the key to pleasure: the wetter it is, the better it is. However, female lubrication - but also male, since the penis emits a pre-ejaculatory liquid under the effect of excitement - is neither constant nor automatic. GOLIATE's Sensual Glide Gel meets all pleasures and needs, for undeniably smooth solo or group sex. A few drops are enough to open the door to pleasure.

Why does using a lubricant change everything?

Lubricants are specifically designed to alleviate vaginal dryness or simply to provide an extra bit of moisture to enhance pleasure. Lubricants are not medicines but erotic products that accompany bodies in their encounter. The Sensual Glide Gel is organic, vegan and natural in order to respect the skin, while accompanying you towards exquisite foreplay and a very pleasant penetration.

Lubricant is not only useful for women who experience vaginal dryness: everyone should use it! Lube spices up sex - especially when it's natural, organic and therefore safe, like GOLIATE Sensual Glide Gel. Water-based lubricants are perfect because they are compatible with condoms and sex toys.

They can be applied to the penis or vaginal entrance before penetration, but we also recommend using lubricant during foreplay to stroke the vulva or glans (clitoris or penis). The contact will be more pleasant and sensual. A few drops will be enough to the intimate and natural lubricant of GOLIATE to fluidify your reports.

Add a few drops of lubricant to the base of your vagina or on your toys before any underwater sexual intercourse. Why? Because water eliminates natural lubrication, which can lead to unpleasant friction. GOLIATE Natural Lubricant changes that and allows you to enjoy your skin-to-skin sessions in the shower even more!

You can use the lubricant with sextoys, whatever their material: Roll a lubricated vibrator on your skin, nipples, vulva or glans for new intimate sensations.

You can pass a vibrator, with lubricant, on the perineum during oral sex or with penetration on your partner.

You can also apply lubricant to intensify a blow job: by gently massaging your partner's testicles during a blow job, you can amplify the experience. Put a few drops of lube in your hands and play with his testicles or perineum while you give him oral sex.

You can also use lube during your solo sessions to discover different sensations in masturbation: slow down, relax and breathe deeply, focusing on the sensations in your body rather than on reaching orgasm. You'll discover new facets of masturbation and of yourself with intimate lubrication.


water, organic vegetable glycerin***, chondus crispus**, sodium benzoate, xanthan gum, benzoin**, benzyl benzoate

0% Paraben/P.E.G/Palm Oil/Color/Fragrance/Phenoxyetanol

**from Organic Farming

*** processed from organic ingredients

40.54% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming

99.49% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS Standard

Why does Sensual Glide Gel make a difference?

A unique and exclusive product.
Made in France, of superior quality. The recipe for our Sensual Slip Gel is unique and exclusive to GOLIATE. It has been custom created by an artisanal laboratory, in collaboration with the GOLIATE team.

A gel that contains no artificial flavors.
The scents that emanate from it come only from the active and natural ingredients that compose it. YUKA score: Excellent (93/100).

Natural and made with organic ingredients.
99.49% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

A lubricant based on organic vegetable glycerin
For a soft effect and a perfect hold: thanks to its 100% active ingredients, a few drops are enough to eroticize your reports.

A touch of 100% French seaweed
Composed of trace elements and mineral salts, which nourishes the skin and helps to heal if needed.

A pleasant texture
A fluid texture, neither sticky nor too liquid, for a pleasant application.

A studied compatibility
Our Sensual Slip Gel is compatible with condoms and intimate toys.


Once applied to the skin, it is safe to kiss and lick!
Yes totally. Take care of yourself! You can also use it with sex toys.
Yes, with all sex toys made of silicone, which is the case with GOLIATE sex toys.
Yes, there is no risk.