The Amazing! - 2 in 1: the incredible combination
  • The Amazing! - 2 in 1: the incredible combination
  • The Amazing! - 2 in 1: the incredible combination
  • The Amazing! - 2 in 1: the incredible combination
  • The Amazing! - 2 in 1: the incredible combination
  • The Amazing! - 2 in 1: the incredible combination

The Amazing! - 2 in 1: the incredible combination

A clitoral hoover combined with a vibrator!

Splash proof

Medical silicone

8 vibration modes

G-spot stimulation

1 hour of use

Tax included

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The Amazing! Fun first!
Because the clitoris is the organ of feminine voluptuousness par excellence, GOLIATE offers you a clitoral stimulator that is both gentle and effective. With a tip that is placed on the glans of the clitoris and thanks to a light suction system, without contact with the clitoris, The Amazing! provides orgasms in just a few moments. A sextoy designed for female pleasure, which allows you to discover your body and exquisite sensations. A concentrate of new technologies with great finesse.

A 2-in-1 accessory that adapts to all tastes.
If GOLIATE offers you a sextoy dedicated to clitoral pleasure, it has not forgotten your vaginal pleasure. The clitoral complex is about 10 centimetres long and the clitoral bulbs fit inside the vagina. The Amazing! is a complete accessory: the handle, which has 8 different vibrations, makes it possible to vary the pleasures. With it, vaginal but also anal stimulation - thanks to its head which avoids any risk of absorption - enrich intimate moments. The Amazing! adapts to all desires, a strong point for a more global and always more surprising pleasure.

It is essential to use a water-based lubricant to accompany the use of your product, such as GOLIATE's Certified Organic Sensual Glide Gel.

If you enjoy having your partner perform cunnilingus on you or if you tend to focus on your clitoris when you masturbate with your hands, you'll find your pleasure with the sucking sensations of our clitoral stimulator sextoy.

Many people not only enjoy clitoral stimulation, they need it to reach orgasm. Clitoral stimulators indirectly stimulate the very sensitive and dense nerve endings of the clitoral glans. The Amazing! clitoral stimulator stimulates blood flow and increases clitoral sensitivity through a suction system, which is paramount to your ability to achieve a quality orgasm.

As with anything related to sex, trying a clitoral stimulator means listening to your body and only doing what works for you. If something is too intense or you don't feel good, take a break.

We suggest playing with the toy all over your body before going straight to the clitoris. Try it on the tip of your nose and experiment and with your nipples or other sensitive, erogenous points.

Start with a lower intensity setting and gradually increase to find what works best for your body.

We then recommend starting your stimulation at the lowest vibration intensity of The Amazing!

If you are ready to try it, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. We recommend using a water-based lube and spreading your labia slightly to expose your clitoris. Apply a dab of lube to your clitoris and the tip of the clitoral stimulator.

Next, place the head of the stimulator so that it covers your clit, creating a slight seal between your body and the toy. Once you've found the sensation you like, make sure the toy is placed on your clit in a way that is comfortable for you. Once it's securely in place, the sound level of your stimulator will become much quieter.

If the sensation is too strong, we suggest using the toy over your underwear or in the shower. The sensation of the water can help you relax.
When using your clitoral stimulator with a partner, you can have them watch you use it, use it during mutual masturbation, or place it on your clitoris during penetrative sex.

Colour: Purple
Material: Premium Medical Grade Silicone (Phthalate Free)
Modes: 8 vibrations and 5 suction effects
Weight: 270g
Product dimensions: 16 x 8.6 cm, circumference of insertable handle: 3.6 cm
Battery: rechargeable, more than one hour of use!
Waterproof (shower)

Why the Amazing! does it make the difference?

Top design 2 in 1
With its innovative and exceptional design, The Amazing! allows for a perfect grip to make you feel good and stimulate your anatomy, whether for clitoral, vaginal or anal stimulation. Its silicone head is also detachable for easy cleaning.

Why our customers love the Amazing!
The clitoris is a key area of sexual pleasure for people with a vulva. Clitoral vibrators stimulate it directly, which can lead to intense and rapid orgasms.

Silent for a clitoral stimulator
The Amazing! was designed to have some of the quietest vibrations of any model in its class when placed properly on your anatomy. Be unobtrusive for more pleasure.

The Amazing! is a rechargeable sextoy that runs on a Lithium-on magnetic battery. State-of-the-art technology that allows you to use it for fun anywhere, anytime. No more need for batteries, save money and also help save the environment.

Waterproof (shower)
Quality should be accessible to everyone. Your clitoral stimulator is splash-proof for easy cleaning and use in the shower. Have fun with peace of mind.

Respecting your body is our priority. The Amazing! was made with medical grade silicone and guaranteed phthalate free, 100% body friendly, odorless, for skin-like touch sensations.


Just use a sex toy cleaner like GOLIATE or a little warm, slightly soapy water before drying it with a clean cloth.
To make the most of your intimate toy, it is essential to choose a water-based lubricant so as not to damage the silicone. GOLIATE offers you a certified organic lubricant, vegan and made in France which is perfectly compatible with your product.
You can take your accessory with you in the shower. However, use in the bath is not recommended, this habit could damage your product.